How To Remove a Carpet Stain

Today I show you how to remove any carpet stain. This stain removal technique will remove ALL stains - no matter how big they are, and no matter what they are. Accidentally spilled some red wine on your white carpet? Don't worry! Follow the step by step instructions and the stain will disappear in seconds!

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  • Elijah Burrowes
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    Imagine someone really looking for a solution of their problems and they find this videos

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    0:45 Perect Steps to clean A carpet!

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    Amagin if this worked I can’t spell so don’t judge

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    The stain has actually been removed from the carpet Your Good at this how to basic

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    Alternative title:how to make black carpet

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    Imagine that someone is doing the exact steps while watching then notice it's a joke :|

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    It worked-

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    It's black

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    Just.... Don’t spill your drinks on the carpet

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    thank you for this shit

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    Carpet stain is better than to clean the house

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    imagine if someone was actually following he steps until they realised it was a joke video

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    Oh I I've learnt something new! To brush the carpet's teeth

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    0:59 makes me laugh out loud until tears jump outta my eyes XD

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    Tiktok s be like:

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    pls make how to dry carpet it’s too wet

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    The crazy thing is that he actually removes the stain soooo.... That means this works and you could actually do this to remove stains from carpet So what I am saying is that I'll be doing this next time my carpet is stained

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    Thank you I really needed your help

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    Lesson: don’t pour wine on white carpet because you will get a free black carpet

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    How Can You Fix

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