How To Properly Wash the Dishes

Today I show you how to wash your dishes properly. 90% of people wash their dishes incorrectly - Resulting in it taking WAY longer than required. Using these dish washing tips you'll use 50% less water, as well as it taking half as long to complete. Washing the dishes by hand will no longer be a dreaded task - you'll enjoy it, and you'll have peace of mind knowing you are washing them at maximum efficiency.

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    Asian mom be like: no that’s not how u...

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    me when my mom says to go do the dishes 1:35

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    Everything about this must have been horrible to do

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    1:44 thought he was just tired of cleaning up after the videos

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    My mom was watching this tutorial. Now all the dishes Is super clean and don't need wash it anymore.

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    Name is Michael but I watched another Channel i know that

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    With why is your dishwashing liquid is green mine is transparent. (Literally I can’t find any dishwashing liquid which has this color comment if you have it)

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    This guys loves ketchup

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    Almost noone has 2 sinks like that

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    0:02 wtf have you slaughtered

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    Mom would've whooped me

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    This is the best tutorial every

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    Antep dublajdan gelenler burada mıyız ?

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    This is really relateable for some reason

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    stop wasting stuff bruh

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    He sound like flippy from happy tree Friends when he angry

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    Sin ofender este youtuber tiene un trauma selebral o está muy loco ,pero es divertido

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    That's not how you wash dishes you are using the same water for every single dish ewwww

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    later when he noticed that he’s the dish cleaner

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    Would you like a death omelette?

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    @howtobasic Whatis with you with eggs?

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    My man how many dishes I have

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    pls do to drink water

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    My blessings to the person who cleans his trash

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    Every parents: my god god bless you washing many dishes because your tired Me: WHAT THE HECAKA YOU WERE RESTING AND YOU SAID ME GOD BLESS?!?

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    This is probably letting all the dishes add Your parents: do more chores you'll need punishment when you'll not do

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    lmfao what did u eat

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    Next video: how to make cereal

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    i just came from a comment section where a guy said his mom pulled up this vid to show him and his brother how to do the dishes

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    Beerus: the god of destruction HowToBasic: the mortal of destruction

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    Kids complain about having to wash the dishes. The amount of dishes: 0:02

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    until the 1:07 minute really helped me with the dishes.

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    So clean👌👍

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    God damn it how to basic you got me

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    2:04 is me when I wash dishes

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    മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ😂😂

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    roomates be like:

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    Can we just appreciate that he made every dish in his house dirty

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    1:38 Pov: You live with roomates

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    What my mum sees: 1:14 What I see: 1:39

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    Hes actually doing his best to not do something bad, but then his house is forcing him

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    True for wash dish

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    I love it

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    nobody talking about why their was bbq sauce in a cup?

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    *my first thought* KEEP THOSSE DISHS AWAY FROM EM

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    This Guy was Record

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    This is what washing the dishes with executive dysfunction feels like

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    Seriously ma'am but it was the last time you lost this is

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    1:44 *they say logan paul is bad*

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    Now thats a lot of damage😉😉😉

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    Use the kitchen gun

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    Dishes:oH NO! this is OUR END DISHES END GAME

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    0:19 You can clearly see a hole.. but how isn't the water falling down there...

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    The scrambled egg got me lol

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    Is not Good montage

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    Well I think it’s good way too do it but a bad way in the same time

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    Lol they use eggs to clean XD

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    I used his technique and it worked, thanks howtobasic

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    Rip the kid who had to do this chore but watched this video to learn it and followed the instructions

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    news: this morning there was a drop in the load of kitchen utensils, we do not know that it stole cargo but we are looking for it.

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    U luv eggs

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    How to make fried dishes

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    Mom: did I wash the dishes? Me, a good kid: yes The lazy one: i only washed the dishes, the other ones weren't dishes. How to basic:

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    Imagine all the moms getting fooled

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    That is a way to wash it tho

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    XD you break all the deshes

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    Me from the start be like:sOmEtHInG BaD iZ gUnNA hApPen

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